Staff Research


I have worked as an Academic Tutor on Foundation since 2009. My work on the course is informed by my activities outside of university where I work as a curator and artist. Principally this is through my work as Artistic Director of CIRCA Projects – a curatorial organisation I co-founded in 2008 whilst completing my MA in Fine Art at University of Sunderland. Over the past 5 years the organisation has maintained a discursive and open curatorial process –  developing diverse projects with local, national and international artists. In 2013 CIRCA Projects were profiled as Off-Space No. 12 in Art Review Magazine (here). A full list of projects I have curated and produced (in collaboration with my colleagues Sam Watson and Dawn Bothwell) can be viewed in CIRCA Projects’ online archive (here).

31-720x480(Above – Install View of Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan – DOES THE IT FIT)


Collier’s work explores the interrelated nature of ecological and cultural ideas through a detailed study of local environments and (through walking) our embodied engagement with `landscape’. He maintains that our perception of the world is phenomenological – it is active and multi-layered which is why the act of walking through the environment is central to his work. He has developed a hybrid practice (that of the embodied artist/curator) which bring these activities together, exploring new ways of curating through a series of curated walks linked to exhibitions and other engagement strategies (talks, presentation of papers and critical writing). He is also interested in the phenomenology of language and etymology. Local dialect words are a poetic reminder that an understanding and feeling for the natural environment was there in the language ordinary people used and recently he has been working with the diaries and notebooks of poets and natural historians, exploring the embodied relationship between the form of the script they used and the landscapes(natural and social) in which the texts were written. Collier’s research activity is multi-disciplinary. His work is 2D visual art; however, it links different areas of research – language, mapping, etymology, sound and colour, anthropology etc within the context of phenomenology. Collier’s artist website can be viewed here and WALK here.


(Above: Mike Collier – Walk event as part of Temperley’s Tread, 2012) 





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